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The Irish Man
Selfie because iron man ring
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I need someone to cuddle me
Just like bust through the fucking door like the godamn swat

Guess who’s back?

my Skype is lolkidddude just in case anyone wants to add me

Shy people round me? pshhhh

So I work with this chick who is really shy right? And the more I got to know her the less shy she became,this cute guy came by her register, and when he was still in ear shot I looked at her dead in the eyes and said “dat booty though” I’m pretty sure he heard me because he paused mid step.It was the best thing ever…..

when will people realize that there are no nice guy’s and friend-zones …. there are people who have their shit together and people who do not . end of story 

My muse just died to save yours—What’s your muses reaction?

i dont have one….im dead

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